Eli's Adoption Timeline

February 1, 2013: Received Eli's US passport

January 22, 2013: Mailed additional citizenship docs to State Department

January 18, 2013: Received request from US Department for additional documentation of Eli's US citizenship for his passport

December 28, 2012: Applied for Eli's US passport

December 17, 2012: Received Eli's social security card

December 11, 2012: Applied for Eli's social security card

November 29, 2012: Received Colorado birth certificate for Elijah Lingo

October 23, 2012: Colorado validation of Ethiopian adoption and name change from Lingo Bradley to Elijah Lingo

October 16, 2012: Lingo received Certificate of Citizenship

August 17, 2012: HOME!!!

August 14, 2012: Visa interview with Embassy

August 10, 2012: Lingo leaves our agency's care center. Orphanage days are over. Forever!

July 31, 2012: Embassy CLEARED Lingo's case!!!

July 30, 2012: Embassy completed initial screening of Lingo's file

July 19, 2012: Submitted to Embassy

July 12, 2012: Received word that Lingo's medically cleared for Embassy submission.

July 9, 2012: Lingo's Embassy medical exam.

July 4, 2012: Lingo's Ethiopian passport was issued.

June 22, 2012: Received adoption decree and new Ethiopian birth certificate.

June 8, 2012: Ethiopian court approves our adoption of Lingo!

June 7, 2012: Met Lingo for the first time.

May 31, 2012: Visas (and passports) arrive from DC.

May 22, 2012: FedEx'd our Ethiopian visa applications (and passports) to our agency's document handler in DC.

May 17, 2012: Received I-171H. Yahoo!

May 17, 2012: Received court date of June 8, 2012. Immediately booked flights.

April 27, 2012: Submitted to Ethiopian Court

April 26, 2012: FedEx'd additional documents to USCIS

April 23, 2012: Received Request for Evidence from USCIS

April 20-21, 2012: Attended the Empowered to Connect conference, featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis. It was awesome!

April 11, 2012: Received word that our dossier has been translated to Amharic, for submission to the Ethiopian Court

March 26, 2012: Biometric fingerprints taken for I-600A

March 24, 2012: Dossier arrived in Ethiopia

March 13, 2012: Dossier (without I-171H) mailed to Washington, D.C. for authentication

March 10, 2012: Third adoption training class

March 9, 2012: Accepted referral of a 4 year old boy, "L"!!!

March 5, 2012: Mailed I-600A to USCIS

March 2, 2012: We're on the wait lists!
Infant Boy #25
Toddler Boy #15
Siblings #15

March 2, 2012: Home study approved by state.

February 23, 2012: Dossier submitted!

February 20, 2012: Last document for the dossier is ready! Brad races to his doctor's office to pick it up before they close, and barely makes it. Then we remember we need 8 passport sized photos of each of us, which we forgot to do. D'oh.

February 13, 2012: Met with social worker to review home study. She's recommending approval. Yay!

February 11, 2012: Second adoption training class

January 25, 2012: Third (and final) home study visit

January 19, 2012: Second home study visit

January 12, 2012: Fingerprints submitted for CBI and FBI background checks

January 11, 2012: First home study visit with social worker

January 9, 2012: Received dossier guide from agency; the Paper Chase is on!
January 7, 2012: Attended first adoption training class

January 7, 2012: Filed formal application and signed policies and agreement with agency

January 4, 2012: Filed for CDHS Child Abuse Registry clearance from State of Colorado

January 3, 2012: Preliminary application accepted by agency

January 2, 2012: Submitted preliminary application to agency's Ethiopian program

December 30, 2011: Met with agency to inquire about Ethiopian or Ugandan adoption

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