About Us

My name is Kathleen and I'm the baker in the house.  I also love to cook, which I usually do with my husband, Brad.  We were drawn to one another, in part, by our mutual love of food and wine, and we enjoy spending time together pursuing both. 

If you had to pick which of us is the baker, and which the chef, it would be pretty easy.  When I'm in the kitchen there's nothing I love more than a good, precise recipe.  Give me the ingredients and instructions and I can make just about anything.  Leave out an ingredient, forget to list a step?  Yikes!

Brad, on the other hand, is a freewheeling innovator in the kitchen.  Recipe says use thyme but he prefers rosemary?  Rosemary it will be. There's an ingredient in the recipe that we don't have in the house? He deftly swaps it out; I grab my car keys and head to the store.  Precision in baking is a good thing.  In cooking, it can be very limiting.

This blog will feature food by each of us and both of us.  Our friend Pam deserves credit for the name of the blog, as she was the first to refer to Brad and me as "Bradleen."  I think because she finds us both worldly and talented and thin and beautiful, with great hair and perfect teeth, and in that way we remind her of Brangelina.  Yeah, that must be it.

Hopefully you'll find something here you like and will enrich your experience in the kitchen and at the dinner table (or standing in the kitchen, no judgement here).

Bon appetit and happy reading!

Photo attribution:  The very talented Dawn Sparks.


  1. Just have to say, I love you're blog :)

    ~knottie in Dallas

  2. Thanks! Once the wedding is over, I plan to get back to a more regular posting schedule. I'm sure you understand how wedding planning can pretty much swallow up everything else. :)

  3. I just wanted to say I've been going back through your archive and I really appreciate everything you've had to say about your experience with adoption. It's all fascinating and very moving. My grandmother was an adoption case worker who did home studies and all of her stories were so interesting. I wish she were still around do I could show her your blog.

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