Saturday, March 23, 2013

Evolution of a Runner

I'm still the kind of runner who slavishly heads out in ridiculously cold, snowy, windy conditions for a 14 mile run (6 at marathon pace!) because that's what it says on my training schedule.

But I'm happy to say that I'm also now the kind of runner who will pause mid-run to enjoy the beauty of a bald eagle soaring over the lake with a fellow parkgoer.

Wow, what a sight.

Now don't get me wrong, I definitely paused my Garmin before stopping.  I'm not so zen that I could let my pace-per-mile stats be skewed, even for an eagle.  But to be three weeks out from the Boston Marathon and to be out there, standing still, gazing up that eagle instead of stressing about the effect the weather was having on my training goal is a huge improvement for me.

Before this stranger and I parted, she turned to me and said "this is our reward for being out here this morning."


Well, that and the big, fat post-run cinnamon roll and latte (nonfat of course, haha!) from the coffee shop up the street from my house.  Nobody says you can only have one reward, right?

And those marathon pace miles?  Well, I suppose I ran at marathon pace today if there's a nor'easter in Boston again this year for the marathon.  

But let's hope not.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Year Ago Today

Brad and I accepted Eli's referral on March 9, 2012.  This is the first photo we ever saw of him:

And this is the photo we shared online, because we couldn't wait to show him to the world:

And this is how he looks now:

We are so thankful to have this little boy in our family.

In other news, today is also the day on which the best husband and father ever to live was born.  A man who has changed both Eli's and my lives in so many ways. 

We would be lost without him.

Happy Birthday, Brad!

Not a bad birthday gift he received last year, huh?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Fun in the Snow!

Eli bounced back remarkably well from being sick last week.  It's amazing how strong are these Ethiopian kiddos' immune systems.

As you may recall, Eli left school early last Thursday because he was sick.  We kept him home from school on Friday, and by the weekend he was anxious to go back to school.  He kept asking "school tomorrow?," to which we kept responding "on Monday.  You'll go to school on Monday."

Another fantastic snow storm hit last Sunday.

Snow rolling . . .

. . . rolling . . .

. . . rolling!
And school on Monday was cancelled.  Snow day.

In a likely one-time-ever response, Eli was devastated by the news that school was cancelled.  He said woefully "but mommy, you said I could go to school today."  (insert sad face)

So we talked about how the snow makes it difficult to drive on the roads, and Sister (his school principal) wanted to make sure everyone was safe.  I told Eli to put on his snowsuit, and I'd show him just how fun a snow day could be.

Eli has wanted to make a snowman ever since the first flakes fell here in Denver, but we haven't gotten enough snow.  After each storm we've had to tell him that you need more snow to build a snowman.  Then we finally get a good snowstorm, but it wasn't snowman-making snow.  It was light and fluffy, and you could hardly get it to stick together.

To our kid, "not enough" snow becoming "not the right kind of snow" was very frustrating.

Somehow our neighbors made this colossal snowman, so I knew it could be done:

Seriously have no idea how they got this vertical.  Maybe the beer (bottles used for eyes and buttons) helped.

Well, here's our creation.  Not nearly as impressive, but Eli was happy.  And proud.

Looks a bit more like a snow penguin, don'tcha think?
After our hard work we treated ourselves to a snack at our local coffee shop.

No pictures, please.

At the end of the day, I asked Eli what he thought of snow days and he said "snow day is good."

So I think there will be one more kid praying for a snow day the next time we get a big storm.