Monday, April 8, 2013

Punta Cana!

We had a great time in Punta Cana.  And since we leave again for Boston in three days for the marathon, this update will be quick.

Highlights from our trip:

Watching Eli experience the ocean and the beach for the first time.  I think a lot of people don't see themselves adopting an older child because of all the "firsts" they'll miss, but there are so many firsts we've gotten to experience with Eli.  This was one of the best.

And Eli is already tall enough to cover my midsection in beach photos.  You don't get that when you adopt an infant.

One of his favorite things to do on the beach was build sand castles.

And sand volcanoes.

With a front door, of course.

Another highlight of the vacation was paying for wifi for the week but never using it.  Not once.  No email, no facebook.  It was awesome.

Eli became quite accustomed to his daily croissant and learned he loves crepes as well.  Looks like a trip to Paris may be in order soon.  (Yes, please!)

Pool, beach, pool, beach, pool.  Sleep.  Repeat.

Club Med has roving professional photographers, so we have lots of pictures of the three of us together.

And Eli actually posed and smiled (most of the time) for said photographers.

Eli's a pretty great photographer himself, even when equipped only with an iPhone.

Another classic for the family vacation vault?  Brad being pulled up onto stage for a performance of Little Red Riding Hood, a story that Eli had never heard before.  Afterward, Eli asking Brad why he dressed like a grandmother in front of everyone.  And why the other man was trying to hurt him.

But the sound of horrified embarrassment in Eli's voice, once he learned the man wasn't really trying to hurt his daddy, was priceless.  I'm sure we'll  hear that again someday.

Btw, Brad was spectacular as the Grandmother.  He really missed a calling, going into IT instead of acting.  I mean, check out that sexy leg poking out from under the covers. I don't remember that in the original.

And his Gangnam Style dance with the rest of the cast at the end?  Stunning in its execution. Sadly, we'd left our video camera back in the room.  Because you know I'd be posting that video.  Everywhere.


Bocce ball.


After signing the liability waiver, of course.

Driving the glass bottom boat.

Climbing a coconut tree on the beach.

Using the squirt gun that he bought at the gift shop with his own money to hunt ants.

That squirt gun saw a lot of action during the week.

Mom and Dad bought the hat.  Isn't it awesome?  Little gangsta' action, poolside.

And the replacement squirt gun, which he also purchased with his own money after the first one cracked.

They even had a "marathon."  A 5k marathon.  (Is that a collective groan from my runner friends who cover 26.2 miles for their marathons?)

No, I didn't run it.  I think I was by the pool sipping a mojito when the gun went off.

I will say, I loved that Club Med is so active.  They hosted a triathlon the previous day, with ocean swimming, sea kayaking and running legs.

So much to do if you can tear yourself away from the beach and pool.  Eli wouldn't go near the trapeze, but maybe next time.

Or you can just hang out in the bar.

But the very best part?  Eight days with my two favorite people.

It was a fabulous, exhausting vacation.

Ok, not such a quick recap after all, haha. 


  1. How fun! I think I live that he bought his own squirt guns the most. So cute!

  2. It looks fantastic, so many great pics of Eli, and of the three of you together!

  3. Oh, what a wonderful place to be in all this cold here! :)