Saturday, February 2, 2013

Time to Cowboy Up, Mom and Dad

The National Western Stock Show is a big deal in Denver.  It begins with a parade through downtown, and more than 600,000 people attend over the two-plus week period it's in town.

But ask someone from Denver, particularly someone who's lived here their entire lives, and chances are they didn't go.  I suppose that means the attendance figures represent a lot of-out-town people, bringing their out-of-town money to Denver, and I'm all good with that.

Brad and I planned to take Eli to the Stock Show this year.  We were excited for him to experience it all, see the animals up close, and attend his first rodeo.

And Brad's from a true rodeo family.  His cousin Wayne was a PRCA world bareback champion, and is in the North Dakota Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Brad himself is at home among true cowboys.

And I rarely pass an opportunity to wear my cowboy boots.

Then things got busy.

You know how it goes, after a few very full weekends all you want are two blank squares in a row on your calendar.  So we told ourselves "next year" would be better for Eli.  We talked about the crowds and convinced ourselves he wasn't quite ready for the Stock Show chaos.

A few days before the Stock Show ended, Eli came home from school and announced he wanted to go to the rodeo.  Apparently, a friend of his at school had gone and now Eli was all excited about it.

So we went.

Eli wore his cowboy hat and cowboy boots.

Eli always talks about how he wants to drive a pick-up truck when he's older; a purple pick-up truck.  He got behind the wheel of a big one, and realized he's got some years to go before he'll reach the pedals.

This one, as you can see, was white.  No purple pick-ups on display this year.
He got in a little hunting.

No animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.
He "rode" some farm equipment.

And Brad explained to him how each piece of equipment worked and what it was used for.

And, at least for that day, Eli wanted to be a farmer.  Or at least ride farm equipment for real.

Then it was time for the Rodeo.

And a little cotton candy.

At the end of the show, four generations of bareback bronc horses were brought into the arena one by one.

Such beautiful horses.

It was a great day.

And I'm glad our five year old made us realize that our feeling overscheduled was no reason to skip the Stock Show and rodeo.

Sometimes you just gotta cowboy up and go out and make some memories.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a GREAT time! (Looove that boot collection!)