Saturday, January 26, 2013

So, where were we?

Greetings, friends and long-ignored blog.  Much has happened since we all got together at the end of last year.

After recovering from some setbacks brought on by too much holiday excitement and chaos, Eli is doing great.  Settling back into our routine brought the return our sweet boy but, man, that was a rough week.

Eli turned five on January 8th, and had a great birthday week.  He opened presents from Grandma and Grandpa and our friends Denise and Damion the morning of his birthday:

Then birthday dinner at, you guessed it, GB's Fish and Chips.

Then back home for birthday cake and gifts from us.

By the way, I learned you always do cake before opening gifts.  Particularly when you like cake more than your kid likes cake.  (Mama wants cake!!)

Saint Vincent dePaul doesn't allow cupcakes or any other treats be brought to school for birthdays (a rule that I love, except for when it's our child's birthday, haha), but they made a really big deal of Eli's birthday in other ways and he loved the attention.  The day after his birthday he had school at St. John's, where they do allow cupcakes, but they have to be made in a commercial kitchen.  So I caved and bought cupcakes at GiGi's, and he had another day of being in the spotlight.  And again loved it.

The following weekend Eli's Uncle Brian flew in for his birthday party.  Within minutes of meeting, Eli and Uncle Brian were the best of buddies.

His birthday party was a great success, despite me having no clue what I was doing.  We opted to have it at home, to be sure Eli was in a place where he was comfortable.  And with a small guest list, which grew into a not-quite-small gathering.  It was perfect, except Brad and I forgot to take any photos until well into the party.  Whoops.  Rookies.

We brought in lunch from GB's, and everyone loved it.  We were a little worried about how well fish and chips would hold up, but they did a great job to ensure the food travelled well.

After lunch we launched a project with some spin art machines, and the kids had a blast.

Two of Eli's friends from Gambella, who we were thrilled to have join us.

Followed by cupcakes and singing.

Several days later I noticed this, haha.

During the party, one of our neighbors told me her husband was intrigued to hear how a woman who just months before had no children at all would handle a birthday party in her home with a bunch of three to five year old kids.  We laughed at his vision of me crying in the corner while the kids took over and trashed our house.  She told me he'd said if things got out of hand, she was to call him.  Not so that he come help, but so that he could witness the mayhem.

I'm happy to say he worried needlessly.  

Just don't tell him about the light fixture.  Ok?

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  1. Nice to see you back! Looks better than any kids' birthday party I've ever tried to host lol.