Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sweet Dreams

Eli slept in his bed last night.  Hurrah!

Several nights ago Brad and I were reading The Night Before Christmas to Eli when it occurred to us that Eli needed to be sleeping in his bed for Santa to come.  We broke the news to Eli, and watched him weigh Santa coming versus staying on the bedroll in our room.

Tough choice for him, but he ultimately decided he wants Santa to come.  And he agreed it was best to start sleeping his room now, in case any of Santa's elves stopped by to check on him.

So we went to Target and bought him a Christmas tree for his room, which also serves as a giant night light.

The first night we read bedtime story in his bed--it was literally the first time he'd ever laid in his bed--then he came to sleep on the bedroll in our room.  The second night he stayed in his bed after story time and slept there for a few hours before stumbling sleepily into our room and laying down on the floor.  (Thankfully Brad was still awake so could roll out his little bedroll and transfer him to it.)

Yesterday he told us he was going to sleep in his bed all night and wake up there in the morning.  But within minutes of putting him to bed he was poking his little head into our room.  Brad and I took him back to his room and talked to him for a while, then I asked him if he wanted mommy to sleep with him for a bit and snuggle him, thinking that would make him kick us out of his room (ha!).

To my surprise, he said yes; Eli settled into my arms spoon-style and we both quickly fell asleep.  Brad came in to retrieve me about an hour later and I carefully peeled myself from Eli.

Eli slept in his bed all night long and I awoke to this cuteness this morning:

Santa, I hope you're paying attention here.  Eli's been a very good boy, indeed.

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  1. His progress is truly amazing! Thank you, again, for the little peeks. :)