Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Halloween

Was success!

Right up until it was time to put on his costume, it remained unclear whether we'd make it out trick or treating.  And I can't blame him, Halloween is an odd holiday and trick or treating a strange practice.

"Yes, we want you to dress in this costume, go to strangers' doors, and get candy.  Yes, I realize you don't really like candy."

We role played a few times, first with me as the trick or treater coming to our door and Eli handing out the candy, then with him as the trick or treater.

Then we got him into his costume.

He, of course, insisted on wearing his cowboy boots

And his fear and trepidation melted away.  He was brave Captain America, ready to hit the streets.

We had to walk him through his first stop.  You can see in this photo how tentative he was, not really sure what to do with this bowl of candy in front of him.

Well, he caught on quickly.  Once he had his buddy by his side, the two of them tore through the neighborhood, practically running from house to house.

We could hear Eli up ahead, calling out "trick or treat" several times before even reaching the door.  And we could always hear his cute Ethiopian accent saying "thank you" after getting his candy.  Several of our neighbors also got to hear his awesome, infectious laugh as he bounded back down their steps.

He had a ball.

Once home, Eli asked to pour his candy into a clear bowl so he could see it better.

Eli's first Halloween haul

I was really happy to see that a lot of his candy isn't chocolate, since Eli's not a fan.  He was excited to find some Smarties, pulling them out of his bowl and telling me they had these "in the Gambella."  It often takes Eli several hours to eat his dum dum lollipop from church, so it'll be interesting to see how long it takes him to put a dent in this bowl.

Then he asked to go upstairs and take a bath.  As he was undressing, he said to me "mommy, let's go trick or treat tomorrow."

Yep, he's hooked.

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  1. That is awesome! I'm so glad he had a great time. Happy First Halloween, Eli!