Friday, October 26, 2012

Warming to the Cold, Thanks to the Snow

We got our second snowfall of the season here yesterday, but the first "real" snow.  You know, more than a dusting that disappears after the sun comes out.

Eli was still unimpressed.  When he woke up, I showed him the snow outside and asked him if he wanted to touch it.  I warned him it was cold, but when the cold air reached him through the open door to our balcony, he cringed and turned away.

No snow for him.

He went to his bedroom to dress.  In shorts, of course.  Because he declared he'd not be going outside today.

Lately he's been asking in the evening, "cold tomorrow?"  It seems our African boy is not wild about Colorado weather.

But maybe that all changed yesterday after school.

I left work a bit early because Eli had another doctor's appointment.  More catch-up immunizations, ugh.  The kid probably thinks this is the Land of Needles.  And I suppose from his experience so far, he'd not be far off.

When I arrived home, Brad was out front with Eli, showing him how to make a snowball.  We didn't have much time but we were able to show Eli the basics.

And suddenly the snow seemed to have a whole new appeal to him.

He was intrigued, and tasted the snow.  I told him it was made of water and he thought I was crazy.

Now this is when he started to see the real fun in snow.  Anything he can launch is cool.  Like I've said before, this kid is 110% boy.

We weren't able to get him out of his cowboy boots and into his snow boots.  Or convince him to wear a coat.  For a kid who's always asking if it's cold outside, he's fiercely resistant to wearing a coat.

Eli's buddy Grant showed him how to roll snow to make a snowman.  Eli didn't quite get it.  Instead, he kept running back to our yard and trying to gather up enough snow to make a ball as large as Grant's.

So looking forward to watching these two boys play in the snow this winter.


  1. so happy to see Eli warming to the snow and hopeful E will be doing the same soon!
    ps - you've got more snow in Colorado then we do in Alaska!

  2. Too cute! I love the way the snow is mixed in with the still green and yellow leaves. So pretty!