Saturday, October 6, 2012

Snow What?

Yesterday morning I woke to our first snowfall of the season, a beautiful light dusting of about half an inch.  It was gorgeous and I was so excited that I woke Brad up to tell him.

Eli's first snow is here!

Our sprinklers went off (oops), melting all the snow on the grass.  But I managed to take a few photos before it all disappeared from the front of our house.

I tackled my morning run at a speedy pace, hoping to make it back to the house before Eli woke up.  His reaction to the first snowfall was something I didn't want to miss.

I shouldn't have worried, since our boy sleeps a lot.  When I returned he was still nestled snugly.

So I waited (im)patiently by his bedside, videocamera in hand.

His first snow!  (can you tell that I love snow?)

Eli finally stirred and opened his eyes.  I tucked videocamera out of his view so as not to anger our camera-shy boy and said to him, with probably a bit too much enthusiasm for someone just waking, "Eli, it SNOWED last night!!!"

Blank stare.  Of course, he has no idea what I'm talking about.

So I pointed out the window and he saw the white dusting covering our back yard.  I walked him over to the balcony and opened the sliding glass door, so he could see the snow up close.  

He reached down and touched it, then looked up at me like I was a crazy person.  He was clearly confused why I was so excited.  

He turned to leave the room and I quickly scooped up a handful of snow and made a snowball.  "See, Eli, you use SNOW to make SNOWBALLS!  Isn't this cool?!?!?"

He looked at the snowball, looked at me, and with a kind of "meh" grunt went to his room to get dressed.

In shorts and a t-shirt.

Brad trying to exlain to Eli the concept of "it's 30 degrees outside, buddy."

Clearly it's going to take more than a dusting of snow to introduce Eli to a Colorado winter.


  1. I'm so excited about snow just reading this! Not the cold, just the snow lol. We really got cheated last year. It was an unusually warm winter and, while most folks here were happy about it, the little snow we did get didn't really accumulate or last long enough for us to enjoy it. My little girl's snowboots still have the purchase tag on them! I'm sure once Eli sees all the other kids out building snowmen, sledding, etc, he'll come around. But it does take those who've lived in naturally warm/hot climates all their lives to get use to this "winter" thing. :)

  2. Your post made me smile. This is so exciting. I am sure by the end of your CO winters, he will have it down pat snowmen and all.