Monday, October 15, 2012

Haunted Gingerbread House

Eli's school had a teacher in-service day on Friday, so he and mommy hung out.  We had a blast.

We started our day at Toys "R" Us, shopping for a birthday gift for his friend Grant.

Eli waiting impatiently for the store to open.  After waiting impatiently at home until it was time to leave to go to the store.  I drove slooooowly and still we made it there before they opened.

Going to Toys "R" Us is always a bit of a challenge; heck, I get overwhelmed in there.  So, before we went, Eli and I talked a lot about what was the purpose of our trip.  We were buying a birthday gift for Grant, but he could also pick one Captain America toy.  (He and Brad had been looking for a Captain America figurine when they were out and couldn't find one, so Eli's been waiting for this particular toy.)

As we stood out front we entertained the other moms with our banter:

Me:  "How many Captain America toys do you get today?"

Eli:  One . . . two! (big grin)

Me:  One.

Eli:  Two.

Me:  Zero!  (big grin)

Eli:  One.  (laughing)

I also tried to distract him by taking photos.  As usual, he was not exactly cooperative.

Marching over in protest of the photos.
So I let him play with the camera.

Number 1 Dork Mom.
Once inside, he did a great job not getting too distracted by the overwhelming amount of toys.  Of course, we found the Captain America figurine first.  And then he picked out a really cool Tonka-type tow truck for his friend.

He doesn't really "get" the concept of a birthday party, this will be the first for him since he's been home with us.  But he adores Grant, so was very happy to pick out a present for him.  As we continued our shopping, he kept pointing to the Captain America figurine and saying "Eli" and then pointing to the tow truck and saying "Grandma" (we're working on the annunciation of Grant).

Then suddenly he switched the two:  Captain America figurine for Grant, tow truck for Eli.


Honestly, Grant would've been none the wiser if we just gave him the Captain America figurine, but this was an important lesson for Eli.  So we stopped in our tracks and talked about how he'd picked that tow truck out for Grant, and he was going to give it to Grant for his birthday.

Eli was not persuaded.  At this point I just needed to get my near-meltdown child out of the land of too many toys, so we made a bee-line for the cash register, I just paid for everything, and we left.

We put everything in the trunk, out of his reach.  And he sulked.

Eli with his best "you are SO UNFAIR" look going

We made another stop on our way home, and by then he'd snapped out of it.  On his own he said to me "Eli, Captain America; Grandma, big makeena (Grant, big car)."


After we got home, we saw Grant outside.  Eli was so excited to show Grant his Captain America figurine and he kept saying to me "Grandma, big makeena" and pointing to the house.  He was anxious to give Grant his present, but the party wasn't until the following day.  Fortunately Grant didn't understand what Eli was saying -- other than, maybe if he knows the meaning of "makeena," that Eli's Grandma drives a big car.

Later Eli, Brad and I made a haunted gingerbread house.  And Eli learned he likes candy corn.  Not the chocolate flavor, of course, and not the pumpkin shaped-candy.

Eli with the Captain America toy

Brad served as the structural engineer and Eli the design consultant.  I was the laborer, making and tinting frosting.

Eli and I bought the kit on sale at Williams-Sonoma (Eli loves W-S, btw).  It was impossible to put together, so we were fortunate to have an engineer on hand.  It's basically held together with a ton of gloppy icing.

Yes, that's Eli hiding behing the haunted house.  I almost got him to pose for a photo with our creation.

Eli still doesn't really "get" the concept of Halloween, but we're working on it.  Trick or treating holds little appeal beacause he's not wild about candy.  Hopefully when he sees all his friends dressed up and excited he'll join in the fun.

He'll be dressed as Captain America.  Of course.

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  1. There is so much that I LOVE about this post, you're doing a great job mama!
    E loves the haunted gingerbread house :)