Monday, September 3, 2012

Come Over

I'm sure every parent mines for clues of their child's future in everyday activities and interactions with their children.  With Eli, we've definitely noticed some particular talents.

Like music.  He LOVES music.  And he loves singing.

When we were at the zoo, he got into playing the drums.

He used his fingers, the heels of his hands, his elbows--our guess is he'd seen drums played like that before (or played them himself!) back in Gambella.

Brad's dad plays the drums; he played for a bit with the jazz trio at our wedding reception.

Brad's mom sent us a video of his dad playing the drums, and Eli asks to watch it again and again.  And the other night, Brad played some Rodrigo y Gabriela for Eli; he was mesmerized, dancing around to the rhythm.

Eli seems to have a natural affinity for picking up the melody of a song.  The other day we were in the car with him, listening to the radio.  Kenny Chesney's song "Come Over" came on, and we know it was the first time he ever heard it.

By the end of the song, he was signing the melody perfectly.  He didn't know the words, but he substituted sounds like were very similar to the actual words.  And after the song ended, he kept singing it.  Over and over.

I downloaded it for him when we got home, and he now asks to listen to it about a million times each day.  He's asked for it while he bathes, so we set up an iPod dock in his bathroom.  Having music for bathtime makes it really fun for both of us.

Do I wish his first favorite song wasn't about a booty call?  Sure.  But he doesn't know what it means, he just knows he loves the melody.  And, honestly, I never knew what Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" was about until this summer, when I listened to an NPR podcast about her music after she died.  And I was twelve when that song came out.

So now I picture Eli as the next great country music crooner.  And I'm already looking forward to staying at the house on St. John that he'll buy with his tour earnings.  Just like his first favorite artist, Kenny Chesney.

Taken this summer, when Kenny was in Denver with Tim McGraw.
You have great taste in music, Eli.

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  1. LOL! Oh, this post has me laughing and smiling ear-to-ear! Eli is so full of personality and character, that I picture him dancing and singing as I read. What a beautiful, lovable little boy. :)