Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Zoo!

Yesterday was definitely one of those days where after I hit "publish" on my blog post I felt a bit exposed.  But I was so comforted by all the emails and comments I received from our fantastic group of friends and family.  You all lifted my spirits and helped me cast aside my own expectations and focus on what Eli wants and needs right now.  We are so blessed to have you all in our lives.

I particularly loved the comment by our friend (and super talented photographer) Dawn Sparks, who offered the analogy of how we can reject God over and over again but he never stops loving us.  That he has loved us longer than we've known his existence.  Hopefully God will give me the grace that he has shown us all, never to let my own selfishness of wanting so much closeness with Eli to get in the way of allowing him to find his own path to me.

Eli, Brad and I had a fantastic day yesterday at the zoo.  And I learned that Eli will let me be near him, as long as I don't touch him.  :)

We were not sure how Eli would react to some of the animals there (we'd heard stories of children being fearful, particularly of hyenas), but he had no issues at all.  In fact, he seemed to get really excited when he saw animals whose habitat is in the area of Ethiopia.

We would've loved to understand his chatter yesterday, to know what he was thinking about all the animals.  It was also a great outing in terms of English development; he repeated the name of each animal and what sound each animal makes.

We brought along an old point and shoot digital camera for Eli, and he loved taking his own pictures of the animals.

He took a picture of his momma with a big snake.

He let me hold his snack.

The elephants were definitely his favorite.

His daddy bought him a toy elephant, which he dangled precipitously into each exhibit for the rest of the day.  I thought for sure he was going to learn the concept of "GONE" by dropping it into an animal enclosure, but he hung on tightly.

He played the drums.

We rode the carousel (with him on the elephant, of course).

It was a very good day.

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  1. Never having adopted, I can only imagine the ups and downs of learning to find the balance and acceptance of the family dynamic. I do understand however. My own son was diagnosed with Autism when he was seven years old, and then at least I had a name for what I'd been seeing. Unlike most children my son never wanted to sit in my lap, never cuddled or kissed, wouldn't willingly hold my hand or look into my eyes. It broke my heart.

    I've learned to treasure him for who he is though, which is a very special kid who has become a very special young man. Who does now give me hugs of his own free will, and the occasional kiss on the cheek. *grin*

    You handle your relationship with your son grace, understanding and kindness. That is all anyone can do, or ask for.