Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just Bein' a Kid

One of the things that struck us about Eli when we first picked him up from the care center was, in some ways, he reminded us of an old man.  He walked like an old man and many of his movements were kind of slow and deliberate.  Generally, he seemed like a person who had seen and experienced a lot in life, much of it not very good.

And maybe that's because he had.

Among the most wondrous transformations we've observed is Eli becoming a kid.  Just a plain old, happy-go-lucky kid.

Sometimes I look at him being a goofy four year old and I wonder if his birth mother ever had the joy of seeing him be carefree like this.  I suspect their life in Gambella wasn't all that carefree.

One of the greatest gifts of adoption is these kids from hard places get to just be kids, and leave the adult worries to the adults.

And it's also such a gift, as the adult, to see our child just be a kid.

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