Friday, August 3, 2012

Ethiopian Birthday Party

This came from what may be the cutest photo I've seen from the care center.  All the children were gathered around the birthday girl in their traditional Ethiopian clothing; the birthday girl, not quite three years old, clutching what looked to be a HUGE knife, ready to cut the cake.

Eli Lingo was in the back, just behind his buddy U, with a huge gap-toothed smile and holding on to his hat.

The other great news we received this week is that Eli's buddy U has also cleared Embassy, and U's parents have the same Embassy visa interview date and time as we do.  This family was with us when we first met Eli, and they took our first family photos at the care center.  Then we all sat before the Judge together, as we were each declared our boy's legal parents.  And now we'll travel together again to bring our boys home.  We are so blessed to have walked this journey with this family.

I am also delighted beyond words that Eli and U will leave the care center days apart from one another, and have time together in Addis before heading home.

And we're praying the birthday girl also receives her clearance this week, so she can make it home before her actual birth date later this month.  Wouldn't that be the best present ever?

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  1. what an adorable picture of him!!! :) SO excited he's coming home soon!