Monday, July 30, 2012


The US Embassy notified us today they have completed screening of Eli Lingo's case and are now beginning the review of orphan status for its Determination on Child for Adoption, which will allow Eli to immigrate to the US.  

Typically when families receive this notification they also receive an email requesting a birth family interview, but we received no such request.  The birth family interview is not a required step in the process, but from what we've seen it's conducted in pretty much every relinquishment case.  

So while there is a chance we didn't receive that email because the Embassy has decided a birth family interview is not necessary, more likely is our case has just fallen further behind with the Embassy.

And based on what we've heard from the family who was submitted the day before us, the Embassy's backlog is worsening.  They received a request for a birth family interview on Friday and learned today their interview is scheduled for August 15th.  It appears the Embassy is currently taking about twice the amount of time to process cases as they announced last May. 

But we're going to focus on the positive: we have progress today.  Eli's case may not be moving as quickly as we expected, but every day is a day closer to bringing him home.

Thanks to our friend Nikki for this photo of Eli.  It's nice to see our boy with a big smile on his face.


  1. Love that smile! Hang in there! We are too!

  2. Yes, always look for the positive and hold on to this smiling face in your thoughts. We are praying for steady progress for your case!

  3. Great news! I'm glad SOMETHING is happening in the line of progress - now if only it would move faster! ((hugs))