Thursday, July 26, 2012

One of "Those Moms"

I know I'll be one, one of those moms.  Particularly when it comes to nutrition. 

Will you be one with me?

Sally from Real Mom Nutrition urges us all not to fear being "That Mom" in her great post about what she calls Snack-tivism.  And she's not alone; Lisa at 100 Days of Real Food also recently wrote about the conundrum of what to do when someone else offers your child food that you really prefer they not eat.

I would feel (will feel) the same way if (when) Eli is given snacks like this.  In fact, Brad and I have already had the "nutrition talk" with our soon-to-be nanny, specifically about what kind of snacks Eli should have.

Eli has not eaten much, if any, processed food in his life so far and we'd like to keep it that way for as long as possible.  And Eli will be coming to us with particular nutritional challenges, so it'll be even more important that we give him good, real food to help him grow and recover from the effects of malnutrition. 

I gave up processed food many years ago on the advice of my allergist, who was unable to determine what foods were causing me allergic reactions.  His theory was I may have a sensitivity to food preservatives; once I stopped eating processed foods, my reactions ceased.  And when I have them now, I can typically trace them back to some kind of processed food I've eaten.

So processed foods aren't a part of our day-to-day routine.  We know we can't realistically raise a child totally free of the preservatives and other artificial ingredients that comprise so much of the American diet these days, but we will try to limit them as much as possible.  Processed food as a treat, not a part of his regular diet.

Fortunately our soon-to-be nanny agreed with us and still wants to be our nanny.  Being "that mom" didn't chase her away.

I really believe if we all expect better food for our children, then better food will be provided.

p.s.  We've had no progress with the Embassy.  In response to an inquiry about the status of our case, we were told they are currently short staffed due to summer leaves and so it is taking longer to process cases.  So we are still sadly, anxiously waiting for them to even begin processing his case. 

So much for that May announcement about their screening backlog being cleared.  Sigh.

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  1. I definitely commend the conscious efforts you're making to make sure Eli eats healthy! I had NO win with my two older kids and their southern-cooking family on my ex-husband's side lol. Oh, the fattening foods and sweets! But my (current) husband and I are really trying to be aware of what we allow our 5 y/o to eat and we realize that if we introduce the things we want her to have early, she may grow into her own healthy eating habits. She sure does love her veggies, but it's so hard to keep her from wanting those sugary, processed snacks!