Monday, July 2, 2012

Milestone Checklist

When we received Lingo's referral last March we were provided a medical report we really couldn't read (other than the lab test results, which were thankfully all negative).  Height and weight data were recorded, but we weren't able to decipher the figures.  Today we received an update and reading the two together has helped us understand both sets of information.

He's tall for his age, in the 75th percentile both last February and now, which is no surprise.  His tribe is known for being exceptionally tall and he seemed tall for his age when we met him last month. 

But he's so very thin, and has dropped from the 25th to the 10th percentile for weight since February.  His BMI was just under the 5th percentile in February and now it's less than the 3rd percentile.  Significantly underweight.

One day when he was sitting on my lap I reached down to see how big his ankle was, using my thumb and forefinger to measure.  This is how big our 4 1/2 year old's ankles are right now:

Ok, not actually to scale.  But you get the idea.  Small.

I've said before that we feel good about the care he is receiving at our agency's care center, and I still do.  Although we weren't able to visit the orphanage in Gambella where he spent his first six months in care, we have seen how the nannies where he is now dearly love the children.  They seem to do well with what they have, but I suspect there just isn't much at the care center to go around.

You all know how much Brad and I love to cook.  We're dying to get this little guy home and watch him climb the growth charts.

In the Milestone report, Sister (the care center director) describes him as "a quiet sociable boy," which made me smile.  I think that means he's playing well with all the children, even though he doesn't speak their language. 

We also received another photo from a travelling family, of him lounging on the playhouse slide.


It warms my heart.

Eli Lingo, xoxo

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