Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Cleared Case

It came at 4:30 am Denver time and was waiting for us when I woke at 5.  I've been checking Brad's email first thing every morning since our case was submitted to Embassy, and today I was hoping to find the second email about the birth parent interview that we never received yesterday.  But my blurry eyes, still unfocused from sleep, settled on an email with the subject line of "Cleared Case."


I opened the email with trembling hands, and my brain refused to comprehend the message.  So I woke Brad and he confirmed what my heart and mind were struggling to believe.

I don't know how or why ours was the rare case the Embassy clears without an interview, but it did.

It's been exactly seven weeks since we last saw Eli Lingo.  And we may see him again before we hit the eight week mark.



Praising the Lord.


  1. GREAT NEWS!! Enjoy this happy day!

  2. YAY!!!!! SO SO excited for you guys!!! :) You might get your Elijah before I get mine :P

  3. What fabulous news! Congratulations!!!

  4. Happy tears! I'm so thrilled for you both. God is good.

  5. Oh Kathleen and Brad this is such wonderful news it brought tears to my eyes! You are almost to the finish line!!!