Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Gambella Boys

Our friend Julie sent us some pictures of our boys together at the care center.

This photo was taken the day before we met Eli.
Their boy, Desmond Ujulu, is also from Gambella, but has been at the care center for longer than Eli.  And although they no longer share a common language, it seemed as though Desmond had taken Eli under his wing.

He was really watching out for the new kid from his home region.

Desmond sharing his toys with Eli.

We are so thankful for sweet, sweet Desmond.

They look like they could be brothers, don't you think?

Thanks for these photos, Julie.  I really needed them.  I pray we're both back in Ethiopia soon to bring these darling boys home.


  1. I'm sure it feels awesome to know someone is looking out for him and keeping him smiling until you return. :)

  2. hooray for new pics, I hope these help tide you over for a little while ...