Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eat Your Fish and Drink Your Wine

Whenever I'm in the car by myself, I always listed to Doctor Radio on Sirius.  Brad likes to joke (tease?) that I'm getting my satellite radio medical degree, but I find it fascinating.

I think I would've really liked to have become a doctor; I was pre-med when I first went to college, in fact.  But I quickly learned that at age 18 I didn't have the focus required for the grueling course schedule, so after my first semester I set my sights elsewhere.

Recently one of the doctors on Sirius said she tells her patients to eat fish at least twice per week, that it's the best single dietary contribution to overall good health.  I'm not sure she'd want you to fry your fish twice per week, but swapping out the traditional french fries with crisp asparagus spears should earn back some health points.

Golden Fish Fry Sandwich

This recipe is from Maria Helm Sinskey, and you can find it here on the Robert Sinskey Vineyards web site.  Our local market had fresh, wild caught cod, which was great in this sandwich.  Brioche buns would be perfect if you can find them (we couldn't), but if not, use the softest roll available.

Each month with our club shipment, there is a booklet with the usual growing notes, tasting notes, and Maria's recipe.  There are always a few pages with Rob Sinskey's thoughts on the particular wine, and this month he was writing about their Pinot Blanc.  (Which, incidentally, was one of the wines Brad and I served at our wedding reception.)

He describes Chardonnay as the "corporate rock band of wine" and Pinot Blanc as "the little indie band that could."  A wine of finesse.  I love it.

So be good blog readers and eat your fish and drink your wine.  Just don't fry it all the time and you'll live happily ever after.  I promise.

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