Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday

This photo has convinced me to knock it off with auto focus.  I loved the way the tree in our front yard looked as the sun was setting behind the house, with the leaves at the top lit golden.  And I think this could've been such a great shot if I'd have manually focused on the cluster of leaves in the center. A good reminder, generally, to focus on what's in front of you?

Try again another day, right?

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I have to say that 'giving up' auto focus has without a doubt improved my images no end and certainly resulted in me creating some interesting perspectives on things that auto focus would have missed.


  2. I haven't given up autufocus entirely, but it definitely helps to use manual focus when you have a particular shot in mind and really want to nail it. If you hadn't told us where you intended to focus, I would have never guessed, because the out of focus cluster of leaves, leads the eye straight up to that beautiful sky peeking through. :)