Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday

In anticipation of our trip to Ethiopia (soon, please!!), Brad and I bought a fancy new D-SLR camera that I have no idea how to use.  But I've been taking lots of pictures anyway.

Here's one that I really liked, taken in our front garden.

Have a great day!

Sweet Shot Day


  1. What did you end up with? I really enjoyed the Chimpsy workshop I did with mine.

    1. Brad did lots of research and decided on a Nikon D5100. Costco had a great deal on the camera, two lenses, a sweet case, and some "Nikon School" instructional materials we've yet to open.

      I told Brad about that workshop you took, it really sounded like a lot of fun. So far all I've done is drive my friends crazy with sticking a camera lens in their faces every 30 seconds.