Saturday, March 17, 2012

German Double-Chocolate Cake

Every year I make a chocolate cake for Brad's birthday.  I've had varying degrees of success with his birthday cake, so I'm always more than a little nervous to get it right.

Our first year together, I spent about five hours on a beautiful cake that was completely inedible.  Sure, the newness of our relationship made him choke down a couple of bites, but that cake went straight in the trash.  Do you know the agony of throwing that much time and effort, and chocolate, into the alley dumpster?  I hope you don't.

The thing about baking, particularly at high altitude, is it takes practice.  And when I'm trying to make something special, it's hard to practice it first.  It's not like I could bake a practice cake the weekend before and get it out of the house without being eaten (by him or me!).

Well, I'm happy to report this year's cake was a stunning success.  It was an amped up German Chocolate Cake, with lots and lots of chocolate.

My apologies to the friends, neighbors and co-workers who usually get some of the baking bounty around here.  This cake was so good, it never made the rounds for sharing.

And, yes, I'll be running a few extra miles today.

We had the cake after another one of Brad's awesome Ethiopian meals (Doro Wat this time).

It was pretty much the perfect evening.

German Double-Chocolate Cake
The recipe I used was from one of my favorite web sites, Serious Eats.  Click here for the recipe.

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  1. omg that looks amazing! Both the cake and the dinner =)