Friday, March 9, 2012

And We're No Longer Waiting

Because we already received a REFERRAL!!!!

A beautiful 4 year old boy, "L," from the Gambella region of Ethiopia.  Our heads are spinning; if all goes well, we could have him home by fall.

I'm beyond saddened by the pain and grief that have befallen this boy and his birth family, but feel so grateful that God has given us the opportunity to provide a family for him.

Praying for a smooth process through court and Embassy so that we can bring our precious "L" home as soon as possible.

And now we can wear the t-shirts I bought when Brad and I first started this process:
Front:  147 Million Orphans

Back:  Minus 1
If you also have a heart for the world's orphans, they have great apparel and merchandise at 147 Million Orphans, and every purchase helps a child in need with food, water and medicine.  At checkout you can select for your purchase to benefit orphans in a particular country, including Ethiopia.

p.s.  Happy Birthday to the love of my life.  Brad, you're going to be an amazing dad.

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